Jade plants can get unruly.  Select branches will grow faster than others and the plant can become top-heavy.

Trimming a jade is a great way to stimulate new growth, bringing the energy of the plant downwards and strengthening the trunk.  To get a jade to grow into a beautiful shape, trimming is necessary.

Every few months, inspect your jade plant for branches that are growing out of proportion to the basic shape you are going for.  Using a cutting shears (available at The Palm Room if you don’t own some already), clip off the branch just above a set of leaves.  Prepare yourself for the jade to branch at that joint, so choose wisely and plan for the future shape it will create.

*As an added bonus, set the branches you have clipped off aside for a few days to allow the cut end to callous over. Plant in soil and give as a gift to a friend

Call us if you have questions, we are ready to offer our advice (206) 782-PALM

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