Schefflera arboricola

Nicknames:  Hawaiian umbrella tree and Dwarf umbrella plant.

This plant is a gorgeous miniature tree with ‘umbrella’ canopies.  It can be bonsai’d very easily.  Its growth is moderate (not too fast, not too slow) but Schefflera arboricola can very easily get unruly – so pruning it back is very encouraged.  This can be done once a month, around the time that you should finally be getting around to watering this resilient and forgiving new pal.

Care Tips

light:  sun to partial shade (moderately bright is best)

water:  let soil begin to dry before watering again.  this plant can adjust to your schedule fairly easily and is alright with being ignored:  water once a week to once a month.

height:  4 to 6 feet if you allow it (give it lots of haircuts!  especially as it reaches the 4 foot height to avoid it getting scraggly and to encourage branching)

+the best part about this plant is how you can train it to grow into a certain shape.  cut it back often and it will surprise you with its lushness!

+poisonous if injested

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