Opuntia linguiformis variegata ‘Prickly Pear Cactus’

This gorgeous, broad leaved cactus grows moderately fast and roots easily from cuttings.  It hails originally from South Texas.  The variegated specimens we have at The Palm Room right now are distinctive for their two shades of green along the multiple cactus pads.

We don’t have many, so hurry!

Care Tips

Light:  Full Sun, or as much sun as possible (in the window is best, yes it grows very well in the Pacific Northwest)

Water:  minimally.  About once a month.  Treat it like the cactus it is.

Propogation:  The pads can easily be rooted by snipping them off, dipping in rooting hormone, and planting in soil.  If you don’t have rooting hormone, let the cut edge callous over for a couple days before planting the cutting in soil.  Mist the calloused edge before planting and keep dry for a month before watering again.

*The fruit, leaf pads, and seeds are all known to be edible.  However, the little clusters of spines are slightly toxic so take care in handling the plant

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