Ponytail Palm – Beaucarnea recurvata

Native to arid regions in Mexico, the ponytail palm, in its natural habitat, can tower over houses.

As a specimen plant indoors, it is extremely unique.  Ponytail palms are most attractively planted in shallow dishes.  They can grow to about 6 feet indoors.  This interesting plant will occasionally sprout little offsets.  These can be removed and planted individually, however a mature clump of ponytail palms growing atop one another is a highly prized possession among plant enthusiasts:

Care Tips

Light:  Ponytail Palms enjoy bright light and can be acclimated to full sun.  Keep in a bright to sunny spot

Water:  During the growing season (spring/summer) water weekly.  In dormant times (fall/winter) water sparingly – once a month.  Water is stored in the bulbous trunk so it is drought tolerant.  Do not overwater.

+So easy to take care of!  This plant can take lots of abuse – it is a Palm Room favorite+

+no parts of this plant are known to be poisonous if injested+

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