Araucaria heterophylla (The Norfolk Island Pine)

The Norfolk Pine (or Norfolk Island Pine Tree, or Star Pine) is often collected because of its delicate appearance and symmetrical shape.  Branches grow in sets of four and are often very regularly spaced from the bottom of the tree to the top.
Its origins take it back to a tiny island off the cost of Australia, in a tropical climate where temperatures rarely go below 50 degrees and it also doesn’t get too hot.  As an interesting fact, Norfolk Pines belong to the Araucaria genus along with Seattle’s beloved Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana):

+Here are more images of the Norfolk Pine, and Care Tips below+


Care Tips

The Norfolk Island Pine is a delicate conifer that cannot survive outdoors in most regions.  Although it is an easy to care for specimen, take note that they grow best in temperatures suitable to most people – 65 degrees F is a good climate, but never below 50 degrees F.

Light:  Indirect to Bright Natural Light is best.  Norfolk Pines can handle low light and will even withstand up to a year in 16 hours of fluorescent lighting per day, but cannot tolerate full, direct sun.  The best bet is to place them about 4 feet away from a window that lets in a moderate amount of natural light.

Water:  Climate controlled.  Keep the soil moist (not soggy) throughout the warmer months.  During the winter, allow soil to dry out between waterings!  Norfolk Island Pines come from a tropical region, so if brown tips occur on the branches, snip these off and make sure to mist the air around them every few days (brown tips is a sign of too low of humidity)

Growth:  Do not expect flowers, but as this is a tree, it can grow up to 40 feet (given the time and space)

+Not known to be poisonous but the sap may cause an allergic reaction to those who are allergic+

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