Jade – Crassula ovata

We have both Jade and its smaller leaved variety Crosby Jade available almost always at The Palm Room.  Both are classified under the latin name Crassula ovata.

Jade is a wonderfully easy plant to grow, particularly if you are one to neglect watering your plants.  Originally from South Africa where elephants are known to feed off of it.  Jades can grow to 10 feet outdoors in their natural habitat but are more commonly found to reach 4 – 6 ft tall in homes.

The trunks of these plants will thicken with age.  They store water in their leaves and therefore do not need any more than to be watered once a month most months of the year.  Less often in winter, and slightly more often in hot summer months.

Jade is an easy plant to bonsai.  It loves having its branches trimmed, branching more and thickening its trunk every time you do so to it.  See our ‘Trimming a Jade’ tips in this Plant Care Tips section of our blog.  And see below for care tips on getting your Jade to grow into a gnarly trunk, a beautiful specimen.

Care Tips

Light:  Partial Sun to Full Sun

Water:  minimally.  On average, water once a month.  Slightly less often in winter, and slightly more often in summer.  A cool dry spell in winter will encourage flowers

Flowers:  Pink, purple, or white, in mid winter when conditions are dry and cool

Propagation:   Let cuttings callous over for a few days and then insert the cutting in soil.  Roots easily and makes great gifts for friends.  Jades benefit from ‘haircuts’ so don’t be shy.  Take into consideration that it will later branch at the place where you have made the cut.  This plant also looks good as an unruly specimen, so if you prefer it is also cool to hold off trimming branches until the plant begins to get top-heavy and/or scraggly.

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