Haworthia attenuata (zebra plant)

Haworthia attenuata is a GORGEOUS succulent, origins take it back to the Eastern Cape of South Africa at altitudes of 0 – 1000 m.  The thick green leaves are characterized by rough, bright white stripes.
This plant multiplies prolifically, and often with multiple varieties and cultivars.  Lacking a stem, Haworthia attenuata matures into a striking cluster of spiky leaves of, quite possibly, varying colors and stripes.  Height remains below 6 inches.
+see care tips below+

Care Tips

Haworthias are incredibly resilient to neglect.  When in question, opt not to water.

Light:  Partial shade/sun to Full Sun.  The brighter the light, the deeper the shades of green.  In full sun, the green in a Haworthia attenuata will turn an alternately beautiful reddish-purple.

Water:  Drought-tolerant but susceptible to overwatering.  Let the soil dry before watering again.  As mentioned above, when in question opt not to water Haworthia attenuata.  This plant loves neglect!!

Blooms:  Late Winter/Mid Winter an antenna will emerge from the center with small white blooms.  Snip off when bloom fades.

*Haworthia attenuata is not known to be poisonous

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