Pink Fittonias and White Fittonias

Nickname:  Nerve Plant.

Fittonias are a tropical rainforest plant, native to Peru.  A low growing plant, they spread wide but are able to reach 6 – 12 inches in height.

Thriving in warmth and high humidity, they are a fantastic specimen for a terrarium.  Easy to grow and happy in any light conditions from low to part sun, Fittonias are a great plant for beginners AND collectors.

Because of their beautiful foliage, Fittonias are generally cultivated as a decorative houseplant.  They have insignificant flowers that should be snipped off in order to keep this foliage lush and vibrant.

Pinch off ends of growing stems to shape plants and to promote denser foliage.

Care Tips

Light:  Light Shade/Part Sun

Water:  water regularly, when soil begins to dry.  Mist often, this plant loves humidity.  However, it is possible to overwater a Fittonia so make sure its soil is kept moist but never soaked.

Extra Tips:

+ Fittonias will ‘faint’ when they need something – to be watered, to be removed from the sun, when they are too cold – however, they almost always recover quickly once their needs are met

+ Pinch back new growth and remove flower buds to keep a Fittonia from getting scraggly

+ Not poisonous

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