The genus Rhipsalis is comprised of approximately 40 varieties which are found growing on trees (which makes them ephiphytic), rocks (hence, they are also epilithic), and from out of the ground (per usual for a plant).
Rhipsalis is classified as belonging in the cactus family.  It has origins that take it to Central and South America.
*see below for care tips

 Care Tips

Light:  Light Shade, Partial Sun or Full Sun (any light but full shade is fine – some varieties are an exception and prefer partial sun to full sun.  keep an eye on your Rhipsalis and move to a window if it loses its perkiness)

Water:  Water regularly, when soil is dry.  Rhipsalis is drought-tolerant but prone to overwatering damage so opt not to water when in question.  In cold seasons (e.g. Winter), prolong weeks between waterings

+Rhipsalis is not known to be poisonous+

+futhermore, it is very well known for being EASY TO GROW+

Rhipsalis cereuscula

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