Learn to make a Cactus/Succulent Terrarium!
Date TBA

The important thing to consider when creating a beautiful and low-maintenance dry terrarium (our term for cactus/succulent/desert variety terrariums) is the watering and specific light needs of each plant.  That is the knowledge which we intend to share with you.

Reservations can be made by calling us at (206) 782 – PALM or by emailing info@thepalmroom.com

$45 includes

  • a glass vessel and soil layering components.
  • a discussion of the history of the medium.
  • guidance in design and aesthetics, tips for successful growth, care and maintenance.
  • selection of small succulent and cactus varieties.

Everyone will leave the class with a completed terrarium ready to display and the knowledge you will need to create many more!

THE PALM ROOM 5336 Ballard Avenue NW
(206) 782-PALM
Open Most Days, noon-5PM (guaranteed Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, & Mon), and by appointment or by chance


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