Click here to see our official website for examples of our gardening design

We strive to match the home, you, your personality and dreams with our experience and success in creating magnificent gardens.

Whether you are looking for a big immediate overhaul or an extended series of small phases, we will be realistic with you about what we can offer and what to expect.

This is an introductory meeting to discuss your desires, dreams, and project parameters. We walk through your garden and look out your windows, discussing your garden presently and what your relationship is to it. We decide what kind of planning and design services suit your needs and how involved you would like to be. At the closure of this meeting we will provide you with options for the best way to proceed.

We offer a continued consulting program and full design services

In one hour increments, we provide consultation services to guide you in creating your garden

• planting scheme suggestions
• quick conceptual sketches
• hands on pruning lessons
• plant identification and care
• native plant education
• evaluate soil and light conditions
• water management for plantings and drainage
• path-building instruction
• stone and material direction

For both small and large projects which desire design schemes, we provide detailed master and/or planting plans which specify all aspects of the garden and act as the complete roadmap for your garden creation.

• seasonal reinvigoration services
• event/party preparation
• container plantings
• outdoor room accessorizing

For further questions and to schedule an appointment, please click here or call 206-782-7256

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