Lithops Are Here!

Lithops, commonly refered to as “living stones” are back! This beautiful collection exhibits a variety of leaf sizes, and each specimen has unique leaf coloring. Many are currently in bloom or are about to bloom.

Lithops love bright light, so give them as much sun as possible. In Seattle, a southern or western window is ideal.

Water Lithops sparingly. For a good watering indicator, wait until the succulent leaves show horizontal wrinkling on their sides. At this point water just enough to dampen the soil to 1 inch deep. A sprayer on the stream setting works very well for controlled watering, just give the soil a few squirts at the base of the plant. Never soak Lithops as they despise wet feet. For more information on Lithops, please see our previous post: Living Stones – Lithops under Plant Care Tips.


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