2 Inch Terrarium Plants

The Palm Room currently has a great selection of 2 inch tropical plants and 2 inch cacti and succulents ideal for use in terrariums, dish gardens, and succulent terrariums!

2 Inch Tropical Plants

One of the most fascinating things about terrariums is watching plants grow into the space you have created for them. What better way to experience this than by starting with the perfectly sized terrarium plant?

Each 2 inch pot contains between 1 and 3 tropical plants suited to terrarium conditions. These are medium to low-light loving plants that thrive in high humidity and evenly moist soil. Species currently available in 2 inch pots include Iresine, Ficus repens, Red Fittonia, Pilea microphylla, Aluminum plant, Pepperomia, Ivy, and Miniature Angel-wing Begonia.

2 Inch Cacti and Succulents

Also on the shelves at The Palm Room are assorted 2 inch succulents and cacti – ideal for succulent terrariums and dish gardens. Combine these with Madagascar Palms, Crown of Thorns, and Ponytail Palms for a truly stunning centerpiece for a sunny spot. Singly, these 2 inch succulents and cacti can be potted up in glass vessels and adorned with colorful gravel, geode fragments, or crystals for the perfect gift.

Cacti and succulents like to dry completely between watering. Situated in a sunny spot these desert plants will thrive with minimal care, and will reward you with flowers in the late winter, early spring, or summer months.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Love your shop. Inspirational

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