Burro’s Tail – Sedum morganianum


Burro’s Tail, Donkey’s Tail – Sedum morganianum

Aahhh… the Burro’s Tail.  This is a beautiful hanging plant.  Trailing vines can get 6 feet long and in spring will produce little pink flowers.  Its fleshy leaves resemble jelly beans and grow in a spiraling pattern from the stem


Burro’s tail is a succulent and propagates very easily.  Place any of the leaves in soil and within a week they should sprout roots and become another trailing vine.  The plant is very delicate and leaves will fall from it very, very easily if it is bumped or moved.  Take care when touching the plant because of this.  Though the vine may look leggy where leaves drop, it will grow many little branches in those bare spots within a week or two.  In other words, this plant expands rapidly!

The growing season for Burro’s Tail is Spring and Summer.  Water two or three times a month during sunny months (how often depends on how bright of light they are getting) and reduce watering quite a bit in the colder months – keeping the roots from getting bone dry by watering once a month in the winter.

Care Tips

Light:  Partial to Full Sun

Water:  water regularly in the summer and once a month in cooler months.  Burro’s tail is drought tolerant.  Do not overwater!  It is best to watch the plant for signs of needing water:  the leaves will pucker like a raisin when dry and will plump out as soon as it is hydrated.

+This plant is not known to be toxic+


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