Alocasias are true amazonian beauties.  Indeed, they are as tropical looking as plants get.  Large, striking foliage with a rubbery and shiny surface sets them up as a beautiful decorative plant.

Alocasias are referred to as aroids – that is, they are members of the Araceae family, along with philodendrons and arums.  A quality which all aroids share is that they produce a bizarre combination of spathe and spadix known as the inflorescence, and sometimes referred to as a flower.


In some aroids, this flower can smell quite terrible but with the Alocasias, it does not have a scent and proves to be quite insignificant compared to their showy leaves.

Though Alocasia is referred to as a tropical plant, it comes from a dry tropical climate in Asia.  The members of the Alocasia genus are easily prone to rotting if care is not taken to let the soil dry out quite significantly before being watered again.

**It is important to note that Alocasias do best when potted up with another plant – typically a fern that will spread its roots and soak up water from the soil to keep the rhizomes of the Alocasia from having too much moisture.


The Araceae family is one of the most poorly known families of plants with large percentages still new.

One of our favorite attributes of this plant family is the way new leaves unfurl as they grow.

Care Tips

Light:  Partial Sun to Partial Shade

Water:  Let soil dry well between waterings.  This family is prone to rot if overwatered.  Hot tip:  plant a fern or other water-loving variety in the pot with your Alocasia and you will have the best luck!

+Alocasia is toxic if ingested but is not known as a skin irritant+

Alocasia sting ray




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