Crown of Thorns – Euphorbia Milii


Crown of Thorns

Latin name Euphorbia Milii and it is also nicknamed as the Siamese Lucky Plant.

The Crown of Thorns is a woody, spiny, climbing plant that will grow into a large shrub in its natural environment.  Its thorny branches are pliable.  Indoors, this plant will grow to a maximum of about 3 – 4 feet.  Young plants are covered with oval shaped leaves and the plant will produce less of its foliage as it gets taller and older.

Crown of Thorns flowers year-round!  It likes moisture and if you continue to water it regularly throughout the winter, you will be rewarded with a bouquet of bright little round blooms – either a deep pink or lemon yellow.

The origins of Crown of Thorn plants take them back to Madagascar.  However, it was in Thailand and China -there they consider 8 flowers blooming at once to be lucky- where it was first hybridized.



Care Tips

Light:  Sun to Partial Shade

Water:  water regularly, when soil is 50% dry or dries completely.  Crown of Thorns is very drought tolerant so it can be treated like a cactus.  However, regularly watering produces flowers year round.  It is possible to overwater so make sure soil is never soggy.

Propagation:  This plant can be easily rooted from cuttings.  Let cut branches callous over before being given rooting hormone and putting in soil.

+This plant is very easy to grow but it is a slow grower!+

+Its sap is pretty fantastically toxic, so use care when taking cuttings and repotting (wear gloves)+

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