Echeverias are beautiful succulents and there are so many varieties of Echeveria that it makes the genus seem infinite.

The majority come from higher elevations in Mexico – where humidity is low and temperatures do not get too hot.  Their growth season is summer and they should be watered somewhat regularly during this time, and given a strong drought in winter months.

This plant grows in large and small colonies of closely growing offshoots.  In time, offshoots will fill a pot and often spill over the sides, creating a beautiful boquet.


Echeverias are mostly outdoor plants but also look great in a succulent terrarium.  When grown indoors, keep a close watch for mealy bugs, which tend to appear when these plants are grown in shady conditions and when there is a low amount of air circulation.  The mealy bug situation can be dealt with, but since Echeverias are so easy to come by and also tend to be inexpensive, there is also the option of removing it from indoors and replacing it with another when pests appear.


Care Tips

Light:  Bright light is best and will bring out the most color in Echeverias.  Avoid intense sunlight, leaves may curl up in a response to too much sun.  Shade grown Echeverias tend to get leggy.

Water:  Water well in the growing season (Summer) – soil should get about 50% dry and this may take about 1 to 2 weeks.  Do not overwater.
Water very sparingly in colder and darker months – almost not at all.  The thick leaves and stalks store water that will nourish the plant for a long time.

+Echeverias can be propagated from leaf cuttings+





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