Calathea rufibarba


Calathea rufibarba – ‘Velvet Calathea’ or ‘Furry Feather Calathea’

Calathea is a beautiful genus of foliage plants.  Though we are highlighting rufibarba  in this post, the care tips below can be applied to all calatheas.  We will highlight those others at another time!

Rufibarba is nicknamed the ‘Furry Feather Calathea’ because its wavy leaves and stems are covered with little hairs that give it a velvet feel.  The undersides of these leaves are purple.

Because of their tropical climate requirements, Calatheas work very well in terrariums. However, their beautiful purple and emerald foliage makes them great anywhere.



Care Tips

+a shady tropical!+

Light:  partial shade to full shade – all Calatheas prefer low light conditions and though they can handle some direct sun, they are known to fold their leaves in reaction to it.

Water:  water regularly, when soil begins to dry.  This may most likely be as often as once a week.

+Calathea is not a toxic plant.






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