Pachira ‘Money Tree’

Pachira aquatica – Money Tree

Nicknames:  Money Tree, Guyana Tree, Malabar Chestnut, and French Peanut

Pachira is a beautiful tree with edible fruits and nuts.  Having it in your home is said to bring good luck.  It hails from Madagascar.  The trunk is swollen at the base, even when the plant is young.  It is usually braided and can be trained to do this from a young start.  This medium height specimen (It can grow to about 10-13 feet high) with attractive foliage has also been known to flower in Early Winter/Late Spring – and blooms have a strong vanilla scent!  Also known to produce fruit:  fruits are about 1 inch in diameter and edible.

Care Tips

Light:  Light Shade or Sun to Partial Shade.  Though Pachira can be introduced slowly to full sun in its  natural climate, try to keep it away from direct sun which can scorch the leaves.

Water:  average water needs – water regularly, when soil begins to dry.  Do not overwater – make sure soil is dry about 1 inch down into the pot.

This plant is not poisonous.  In fact, as mentioned above, fruit and nuts of this tree are edible.

Experiment with the beautiful swollen base.  Specimens with multiple trunks usually come braided at The Palm Room but can be twisted, unbraided, separated to form single specimens, or cut back often to increase the width of the base to create a beautiful bonsai’d tree.

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