Precious Stones

We don’t have to be *Energy People* but as Artists and Designers we know these stones are the finishing touch to potted plants and terrariums

Gemstone energy radiates like the sun and it is a unique experience to invite timeless energy from precious stones into your home.  Here is a description of some (but not all!) of the crystals we have at The Palm Room and their celebrated healing powers.

Ocos Geodes are geodes that have been cut and polished on one side to enhance their natural colors and beauty.  They are found in Brazil, near the Oronoco River.
Geodes, in general, are meant to help with psychic energies – maintaining mental clarity during decision making and relieving stress from the individual who holds them close.

Lepidolite is not a gemstone, but a rare purple variety of mica.  Known to be a protection against self-imposed pollution, carriers of lepidolite can use it to clear the negative air after a fight, relieve the mind of problems from the past, and aid people with a degenerative disorder or trying to overcome a dependency on alcohol or drugs.  It screens out negativity.

Chrysocolla is known to be a musician’s stone because it enhances love and appreciation of music.  Some say it also protects the home.

Petrified Wood is the result of a tree from so long ago that it turns to stone via permineralization.  Possibly inspired by that formation, petrified wood is said to instill wisdom in those that possess it, and a protective against ageism.   Petrified wood is also known to be a good stone for anyone living in an old building with possible structure problems.

Selenite is a stone of partnerships.  Said to boost communication and sex drives.  Those that possess this stone may also see through lies and deciept.  The Greek word ‘selenite’ means ‘moon rock‘ because of the pearly lustre of this stone, which catches the light and glows in a way reminiscent to the moon’s glow.

Black Tourmaline, when heated, obtains an electric charge and can attract little metal objects like paperclips.  It is recognized as one of the strongest dispellers of negativity, promoting balance and mental grounding.

Kyanite is a stone of attunement and balance.  Held during meditation, it is known to relieve the mind of ideas of fate, calm the psyche, and assist in logical, rational thought.  Blue kyanite is specifically said to assist with lucid dreaming.

Selenite Rose is similar to other selenites, but the gemstone has formed rosettes.  This gem supposedly helps to find the ‘inner truth’ and ‘angelic guidance.’

Green Calcite.  It is told that burying Green calcite in your garden helps beautify the garden with the help of the ‘earth spirits.’  Kind of ritual prone, it is also said that burning green candles around it for a little while each morning brings money and prosperity.

Orange Calcite has been dubbed the creative and sexual stone that creates a warm and comfortable environment when placed in rooms where people sit.

Green Tiger’s Eye is an optically reflective form of a quartz stone.  This green variety is also known as Hawk’s Eye.  South Africa is the only place where both Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye are found, near the diamond mines.  It is well-known as a good luck charm.

Citrine is the yellow member of the large quartz family. Quite rare in nature, but amethyst and smoky quartz can be heated to the point of turning into citrine.  This gemstone is said to be very good for automatic writing.

Quartz is the second-most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental quartz.  Some say every child should be given a quartz to carry with them through life.  Sources say it enhances its energy over time and will ‘act as their own personal talisman.’  This is the most versatile of crystals.  It stimulates positive energy.

Green Fluorite is said to be the stone of order and cooperation.  If put in the garden, it will most likely attract butterflies.  According to folklore, it is the home of the rainbows.

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