Asparagus Fern – Foxtail & Plumosa

Asparagus Ferns

Plumosa Ferns and Foxtail Ferns are two shining stars at The Palm Room.  Plumosa Ferns are the delicate and lovely miniature looking trees that we love to pot up in glass vessels or bonsai pots.  Foxtail Ferns greet everyone at the door.

The name is deceiving:  Asparagus ferns are not actually ferns at all.  They are members of the Lily Family:  Liliaceae.  They are invasive outdoors due to their strong root system – keep them in check and take advantage of how great they are as highly decorative indoor plants

Care Tips

Light:  partial shade – partial sun

Water:  water regularly, when soil begins to dry – do not let soil dry completely between waterings!

Growth Habits:  they can all get quite large when they find a happy home.  Foxtail Ferns will get to 2 feet in height and width, a gorgeous reaching and feathery specimen.  Plumosa Ferns have the ability to get very large:  up to 20 feet of climbing vines given many years of happy growth.

Plumosa Fern in a terrarium:

and here is another variety of Asparagus Fern that makes for an incredibly delicate-looking hanging plant:

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  1. Rita said:

    I have these two Beauties and I love then they are my Babies!

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