Pilea ‘moon valley’ & ‘the aluminum plant’

Pilea involucrata

Nicknames:  Moon Valley, The Friendship Plant

Pilea cadierei

Nicknames:  Aluminum Plant, Watermelon Plant

I’ve decided to clump both of these beautiful pileas together into one tip page because their care is identical (being from the same genus, this isn’t too surprising).

The genus Pilea is very tropical.  These plants do best in a terrarium, bowl, or greenhouse because of their love of humidity.  That said, it is certainly possible to overwater the soil (never keep it soggy) but it is not as possible to overmist.

Pilea is well known and grown for its foliage.  Somewhat reptilian in nature, the texture of the leaves of Pilea plants is the main feature.  Particularly with Moon Valley.

Care Tips

Note:  Pilea makes a great groundcover in gardens!  It has been known to grow best in gardens in California and Florida climates.  As cooler temperatures emerge, Pilea will flourish and even flower.  Otherwise, its best grown indoors.

Light:  Light Sun, Light Shade to Full Shade – its a low-light lover but before you run and put it in a closet, remember:  all plants want a little bit of natural light

Water:  regularly – about once a week, when soil begins to dry
**though it loves a tropical climate, Pilea of both kinds bounce back easily from droughts and cold temperatures.  If it limps from neglect, give it some water and it will stand back up in a couple hours.

Blooms:  flowers are insignificant but nonetheless exciting.  Late Fall/Early Winter blooms

+grows well in a terrarium!

+parts of plants may be poisonous if injested

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