String of Fishhooks – Senecio radicans

Senecio radicans

i.e. String of Fishhooks, String of Bananas, Banana Vine, Necklace Plant

A silvery green hanging plant famous for its unique banana-like foliage.  The vines can reach 3 feet long or more.  This is a very forgiving plant and can be grown both indoors and outdoors (they can handle temperatures as high as 110 degrees F and as low as 25 degrees F – so bring indoors if/when temperatures drop below that).

Care Tips

Light:  indoors: medium to bright or full sun.
outdoors: light shade.
+Senecio radicans is known to be sun/shade tolerant so experiment with the placement!

Water:  water regularly in the warm months (i.e. water lightly when soil begins to dry) and less frequently in cool months (i.e. allow soil to remain dry for about a week before watering again).
+this plant is drought tolerant so it is safe to err on the side of not watering when it is in question

Propogating:  the string of fishhooks roots VERY easily! Take a clipping and allow it to either root in water or put the clipping directly into soil and let it root right away.  It loves a haircut, so clip away often and share with your friends!

+All parts of the beautiful and conversation-stimulating Senecio radicans is poisonous if injested

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