Tillandsia Clusters at The Palm Room

We are excited to have gotten these beautiful specimens in.  Click on the images to view the slideshow and view care tips below.  These gorgeous colonies complement all homes.  We love them.

Tillandsia Care

Tillandsia are otherwise known as ‘Air Plants’ because of their famous lack of a necessity for soil to grow.  The three main components for the survival of an air plant is SUN, AIR, & WATER.

Sun – keep in BRIGHT, FILTERED light!  The beating of the summer sun might be a little too intense for tillandsia but for the rest of the year it is best to keep them in or near the window.  Full spectrum artificial light is good enough as well.

Air – Fresh, moving air is best (open a window occasionally – all your plants will benefit from this)

Water – Tillandsia should be wetted down 2-3 times a week.  A heavy mist is fine – avoid soaking except in special circumstances (such as after it has arrived from being shipped (read: in a dark box for a few days)).  It is important for the plant to dry totally within 4 hours after it has been watered.  Do not let water sit in any of the crevices of an air plant, as that will encourage rot.  Under-watering can be noticed by an exaggerating of the natural concave curve of each leaf.

Tillandsia can grow to enormous proportions!

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