Agave is EXTREMELY easy to care for and works well as a decorative houseplant due to its predictability.  There are many, many varieties of Agave, some that grow to enormous proportions and some that remain miniature.  Check the variety when you are thinking about purchasing one to be able to predict what will come of your new plant.  Agave is a decorator’s dream – it maintains the same shape and color as it gets larger in size so if you have chosen one to match your decor, you can expect it to continue to look good in that spot.

Agave plants seldom need to be watered, if at all, in the winter.  Water more often in the summer, especially if they are receiving full sun.  Most agaves prefer a sunny spot.

Here is a fantastic page full of advice about agaves:

Agave parryi - beautiful and one of the slow-growing varieties of Agave

Agave gemini-flora

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