Marimo Balls, Seaweed Balls, Cladophora Balls, Lake Balls:  marimo is a species of filamentous green algae that grows into a large sphere.

Marimo was found to naturally occur in Akan Lake in Japan.  In this natural environment, they were found to live for over a hundred years and grow to enormous proportions.  Due to their nature of rising and sinking in water columns, responding to light, rolling around and dumping the collecting sediment from their surfaces; their propensity for rolling over each other at the different levels at the bottom of the lake, they tend to resemble sentient beings.

Care for marimo couldn’t be easier.  They require weekly water changes in order to stay fresh.  No fertilizer or sea salt is necessary.  Keep them out of the bright sun and refrigerate them if the room gets above 77 degrees fahrenheit.  To nurture their cylindrical shape, occasionally roll them around in your hands!



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