Poisonous Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are often collected to beautify a home, purify toxins out of the air, and maybe also to satiate our human desire to care for things.  Lovely and functional though they may be, there are a few varieties of indoor plants which could pose a threat to pets.

Poisonous plants have varying degrees of toxicity, ranging from a mild skin irritation or stomach-ache to heart and kidney problems.  Individual animals and people will have different reactions to these toxins based on their own chemical make-up.  My cat, Cannonball (pictured above), is an exception to the vast majority of this list.  I have caught her eating many of the extensive collection of plants in our home and she has yet to show any signs of even a mild reaction.  It is important to realize that many plants need to be consumed in considerable quantities for poisoning to occur. Often poisonous plants taste bitter or acrid and pets may not ingest large amounts.

Nevertheless, if you have a pet eating your plants you should be aware of which plants to keep out of their reach.  A harmful reaction could include allergic reactions, dermatitis or skin irritation, or internal poisoning.  The number for the National Poison Center is (800) 222-1222.  If you have any of the house plants listed below you should find out how dangerous they are:  research these varieties to determine the specific level of irritation or poisoning which could occur.

Aloe barbadensis: Aloe Vera
Amaryllis sp.
Anthurium  sp.
Caladium hortulanum: Angels’ wings
Caryota sp.: Fishtail Palm
Codiaeum variegatum: Croton
Cyclamen persicum
Angel’s Trumpet
Dieffenbachia sp.
Euphorbia sp. (includes Pencil Plant, Crown of Thorns, Poinsettia)
Hedera helix: English Ivy
Hydrangea macrophylla
Kalanchoe daigremontiana (though not all species of Kalanchoe are poisonous)
Monstera deliciosa: Swiss-cheese plant
Philodendron sp.
Rhododendron sp.
Solanum pseudocapsicum: Jerusalem Cherry

We hope you are pleased with how many plants are NOT on this list!

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