Small Specimen Plants – to invite envy from guests

Prayer Plant (Red Maranta)

Named the prayer plant because its unusually marked green leaves with red markings fold upward at night like praying hands.  Place plant where it gets partial shade and keep soil moist.  Frequent misting helps to maintain needed igh humidity.  Most specias of the genus Maranta were found in the tropical rain forests of Brazil.


Peperomia is a fascinating group of plants from tropical South America, ranging from small-leafed vies to large-leafed bushes.  Plants grow best in bright light.  Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

Cissus Vine

The cissus vine is a trailing plant related to grape ivy.  It will grow easily in average soil that is kep moist, either in or out of sunlight.


Fittonia is a showy foliage plant that grows as a groundcover in Peru.  Its leaves are oval, with netted red or white veining.  They will wilt unless soil is kep constanly moist.  Plant grows well in a terrarium or wherever humidity is high.  It needs a bright east or west window, but not full sun.


Ferns require warmth, high humidity, good light (but not direct sunlight), and deep, frequent watering. A soil that drains quickly is essential.  Small, raised ots or lines that appear on the undersides or margins of the fronds contain spores, the reproductive bodies of ferns.


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