Kokedama Workshop Jan 28 & 29


The Old Sweater Factory, a warehouse next to the Bardahl Oil sign in Ballard (Seattle WA), will be host to a gargantuan art installation focused on bringing light up to the Pacific Northwest and indoors.

This Festival of Lights is called ONN/OF.  Its goal is “to engage with a weekend of visual art, performance, installation, projection, music, food and drink, and workshops that in some way use “light”.”

Come by and see the installation piece built by Margot Bird, Bonsai In the Aviary, inspired by the moss explosion after this week’s snow fall.  It is an elaborate example of the relationship between epiphytic plants with nature and humans with nature.

Individual kokedama bonsai as part of the installation will be for sale.

Saturday, January 28th ~   4 – 7pm

Come and see us

Kokedama Workshop 5pm – 7pm  $25

only 8 spaces available at a time

** all the materials needed to make your own kokedama bonsai (plants, moss, soil, twine, and tools)
**a presentation of how to wrap the roots of plants in a suspended moss ball
** guidance in making your own kokedama bonsai with a victoria birdsnest fern

email info@thepalmroom.com or call (206) 782 -PALM to sign up for the workshop!

Sunday, January 29th ~  noon – 4pm

Come and see us

Kokedama Workshop 2pm – 4pm

*this is an image of hanging kokedama bonsai*
Images of the installation piece Bonsai In the Aviary will be posted later this week!


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