April 17 in the store

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: mounted staghorn fern plaques are in :

: tillandsias and ferns mounted on ornate wood are in :

We are currently featuring the rare, specialty succulent and cacti varieties from Fleet Foot & Foul Weather.  See these unique hybrids in our high-light section.

Come by the store and see our NEW water terrariums.  These fresh water plants live in our beautiful vessels in tap water, and require minimal maintenance and low light.  The delicate leaves of the Madagascar Lace water plant come in a vibrant red or green. Madagascar lace will flower above the water level with seed pods following the bloom.  The easy to care for Java Fern will flourish anchored in stones, or freely floating in a bottle with it’s elaborate root structure exposed and visible.  The water terrarium is a modern, different take on the indoor houseplant, designed to make the addition of plants into your home or office as easy, and unique as possible.

: learn the art of tropical terrarium building :

April 20, 7-9PM: FULL

April 23, 10M-noon: FULL

May 18, 7-9PM: Space Available

May 21, 10M-noon: Space Available

sign up in the store, call 206-782-PALM, or email info@thepalmroom.com


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